Santa Clarita Marathon Training Tips

Dr. Chris Raigosa, a Santa Clarita resident, Physician Wellness Lead at Kaiser Permanente and Physician-in-Charge of Kaiser Permanente North Hollywood, shares how he motivates himself to train for and complete endurance events, and also provides tips for racers to follow before and during the race to stay healthy and thrive. 


 How I Stay Motivated

 By: Chris Raigosa, Kaiser Permanente Physician Wellness Lead, Physician of Internal Medicine, & Physician-In-Charge of Kaiser Permanente North Hollywood

Congratulations on making it this far in your training!  Motivation is a key element to training for a half marathon, full marathon, or any endurance competition.

A few years back, while training on my own, I ran across a group of runners that invited me to join their running club (Santa Clarita Runners).  Running became more of a social event for me when I joined this club; this made it easier to train and set goals. They pushed me to new levels and, ultimately, became my great friends.

I also look for inspiration from others who conquer their physical limitations to compete and finish endurance events like Ironman Triathlons. While working as an event physician for Ironman Championship in Kona in 2004, I recall being very inspired by athletes with tremendous physical limitations who competed in, and better yet completed the event. I look to those memories to pull me through the rigors of training and racing.

Training Tips

By: Chris Raigosa, Kaiser Permanente Physician Wellness Lead, Physician of Internal Medicine, & Physician-In-Charge of Kaiser Permanente North Hollywood

On evening before the race

  • Eat a moderate meal that has a blend of healthy carbs, fat and protein. A pasta dish with lean protein such as fish, lean turkey, or chicken with veggies will work. This should be eaten early in the evening so that it minimally impacts your sleep. Be careful with foods that are high in salt and fats as they will increase water retention and may be difficult to digest. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

On Race Day

  • Eat a light breakfast approximately 2 hours before your race. 1/3 cup of Oatmeal with berries/bananas and water (no milk) is a healthy pre-race meal. Avoid dairy as this may upset your gastrointestinal system during the race. Coffee is okay as long as it’s something you routinely drink. Again, avoid adding any dairy products to the coffee and try not to drink anything 45 minutes before the race (this will decrease the likelihood of having to take bathroom breaks during the race).

During race

  • Short Distances: For the 5k/10k there is no need to fuel during the race other than water and/or sports drink at aid stations.
  • For the Half Marathon/Full Marathon: Make sure you remain well hydrated during the race. Depending on the conditions, a reasonable replenishment strategy is a sports gel every 45-60 minutes of activity with 1/2 to 2/3 cup of water every other mile. If the weather is sunny and/or warm then consider increasing the fluid intake.

Other Tips

  • Sunscreen – It tends to be sunny and warm so wear plenty of it, consider a hat to protect yourself from the sun as well.
  • Clothes – Avoid cotton fabric. Instead go with a shirt made of Tech material to wick away the moisture.
  • Pace – Maintain a comfortable but challenging pace.
  • Most Important – Have fun and congratulations on making in this far in your training. We look forward to cheering you on at the finish line!

Pace Groups 

The Santa Clarita Runners Club will again be providing Pacer Groups for the Santa Clarita Marathon.  The following will be this years groups:

Half Marathon

Full Marathon

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