My First Marathon

By Jennifer Mitchell

My relationship with running has evolved since my first step as a runner 9 years ago. When I first started to run, I did it to lose weight. But over time, running has not only made me stronger physically, but mentally as well. It has helped me cope with hard parts of my life and given me the freedom to overcome Postpartum Depression/ Anxiety (PPD/PPA).

After my youngest daughter was born, I found it hard to leave her for any amount of time. The fear that something would happen to her or she would need me was preventing me from getting outside and doing something I enjoyed. In 2014, I made it my goal to run the Santa Clarita Marathon as my first marathon. I could not let PPD/ PPA control my life and knowing that I would need to leave my daughter for an extended period of time, doing something I loved, helped me get out the door.

The highlight of my race was having my two year old daughter and in-laws cheer me on at mile 20. I felt victorious as I crossed by first Santa Clarita Marathon finish line.  This marathon was my gateway to other marathons. On Sunday, October 13th, I am going to complete my 8th marathon in Chicago.

The races of the Santa Clarita Marathon have now become a family tradition. I am grateful for having a hometown race that let me achieve my goals and I can’t wait to run it again this year!

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