Challenge Yourself

by Dennis Lebman

Last year was the first year that SC Marathon weekend included a 10k and split the races into 2 days. 10k and 5k on Saturday and Half and Full Marathon on Sunday. It also created the opportunity for the Double Feature and Trilogy Challenge. You could run both races on Saturday for the Double Feature Medal or also race on Sunday for the Trilogy Challenge Medal, or run one race on Saturday and one on Sunday for the Double. I was excited to challenge myself by signing up for the Trilogy Challenge. My goal was to run the 10k fast enough to get back in time to start with everyone else for the 5k, which meant I needed to work on running the 10k much faster than I had been. I decreased my time and made it back to swap out bibs and rest for a few minutes before lining up to start the 5k.

As a race ambassador and volunteering during the expo helping people with late registration and bib pickup, I noticed that a few runners that had signed up for both races on Saturday decided to drop out of the 5K because they feared they wouldn’t finish the 10K in an hour to be able to start the 5K in time.

This year there are some exciting changes for the challenges! First the 5K will start at 8am followed by the 10K at 9am, so you’ll have an hour to finish the 5K. Notice the start time has also changed so we won’t be starting the race in the dark, but note that time changes that night so Sunday’s races start at 7am, but daylight will be the same. Also changes this year, if you are a Trilogy Challenge participant, you’ll also receive a Double Feature Medal on Saturday! Finally if you complete the Double Feature and or the Trilogy Challenge you’ll also receive a long sleeve finisher’s shirt along with your medal!

Overall I think these are awesome changes this year for the challenges, so are you ready to challenge yourself?

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