Anthony Bailey

My official love for running started in March of 2017 when I crossed the finish line of the Los Angeles Marathon. For about 14 years of my adult life, my world revolved around alcohol and cigarettes. I had little to zero ambition or goals. Well, that’s unless you count how many shots I could consume before passing out as “goals”. I was raised in a dysfunctional household which included many episodes of mental and physical abuse. Luckily, I made it out of that situation but the affects lingered with me long after – leading me to adapt the “woe is me” mentality. After hundreds of hang-overs and at the age of 35 I decided it was time to change. I slowly started to make positive adjustments to my life; health and fitness being one of them. At 40 years old, I crossed the finish line of the 2017 Los Angeles Marathon. I fell in love with running and shed the skin of my former self. Since then I have run four full marathons; Santa Clarita being one of them! Using my passion for running, I committed to help the less fortunate of my community by founding the RunforGrace fundraiser in 2018. Being part of the Santa Clarita Marathon Ambassador Team is a genuine honor! I am looking forward to meeting new people, volunteering at the health fair and running the Marathon as another step closer towards my goals of qualifying and completing the Boston Marathon.

Favorite Superhero: Ironman, because Tony Stark has zero superhero abilities, yet with his intelligence, resources and his clever wit he is able to defeat the most powerful of enemies.

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