If You Can’t Be An Athlete…

By: Heather Stewart, 2018 Santa Clarita Marathon Ambassador

“If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.”
-Principal McGee, Grease


I’m injured, again. This one has taken me out for 6 weeks. Just when I started to up my mileage, OUCH, heel spur.  So, I will not be running any of the fabulous Santa Clarita Marathon races this year.

But, I’m still super excited! One way I stay motivated when my body is not cooperating is by supporting my running family.  The miracle of running is that it can be just as joyful to watch someone else complete a goal as it is to complete it yourself.

If you read my bio you’ll see, “My favorite place is a finish line, either running through it or cheering at it.”  And it is true.  I’m more likely to cry watching other people finish than I am when I finish.  As a runner, we couldn’t do it without support.  Family and friends holding signs in the middle of a race, groups of volunteers handing out water or the people putting medals on the necks of runners are so appreciated.

Running can be a very solitary sport.  Many people love it because of that.  However, race day is different.  On race day, although we might be alone, we are also surrounded by a ton of strangers who are all rooting for us to finish!  It’s what keeps us going and motivated even if, no scratch that, especially if we are having a rough day.

I’m not gonna lie, not being able to do this race kind of stinks. I wish I was able to toe the line with my running buddies and accomplish another goal. This would have been my 40th half marathon.  AND I will hit that goal in the future.  But first, I will heal my heel and on November 3rd and 4th, I will be on the course and at the finish line cheering on my friends and some strangers!

Look for me, I’ll be the one crying with pride when you finish!

Can’t run?  Be an athletic supporter like me… go to santaclaritavolunteers.com and click on “Volunteer” to sign up! This year we really need Course Monitors on Sunday November 4th!

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