Why I Run in Santa Clarita

By: Bear Caudillo – 2018 Ambassador

There are a lot of running spots that we as Angelenos are spoiled with to get our weekly mileage. We have Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon, Santa Monica, and the list goes on.

I live in Burbank and my choices are endless but there is another great area that I like to stomp my feet in. Santa Clarita Valley. I know what you’re thinking. Traffic on the I-5 North is horrendous sometimes on the way up but is it worth it? The answer is Yes.

Whether I am running a New Global Adventures event or a Flo T. Mina training course, SCV has a lot to offer. If I want to just get miles in, I’ll run the Iron Horse Trailhead. If I want to do something more challenging, I’ll run Vazquez Rocks or Towsley Canyon.

Honestly, I look forward to running through the paseos. The residents greet you with their morning coffee in one hand and a simple wave with other is a very welcoming presence. Motivation is all around you.

In 2018, I wanted to get to know the community that has showed me (the Dancing Pizza) love over the years. I started running a lot of the aforementioned spots by myself because there are times I like to train alone. You know, the “clear your head with running” runs. I wanted to change things up so I started following Runners Lane and their posts on social media about the group runs.

I knew Flo and a few runners so I wasn’t going to be a total stranger. I am so glad I went. Their “No runner left behind” was a refreshing sight to see. Every runner from the 7 minute pace down to the 17 minute pace cheered for each other like they were going to win a group medal at the end of the day. I could tell this was an established running group that has known each other for many years and done many events together. They welcomed me right away. I thought it was because of me being the Dancing Pizza at the Santa Clarita Marathon but that wasn’t the case. They are just super friendly and wanted to know what races I had coming up. It was a very positive experience.

A great group with great routes to run. If you’ve never been, I urge you to check out Runners Lane. They are also conveniently located off of the bike path too for those re-fueling moments on your long runs

Also, another reason to come up here and run is the New Global Adventures events. I LOVE their races and the routes that Race director Terry Majamaki devises. I’ve told many Angelenos over the years that his races are a must. Spacerock, Valencia Trail race, Grit OCR, Be The Light 5k, and The Arts Run are all fun and challenging races. The Arts Run 10k/5k is also a great example of what his races do for the SCV community too.

You can tell that Terry and his team really care about making sure your dollars are being well spent. The tech shirts, the goodie bags, and THE MEDALS are all done with you, the runner/participant in mind. I joke with others that my arm muscles were gained through carrying medals from his races. They’re huge! Terry is a great race director and you should register for one of his many events soon. I highly recommend it!

Last but least, the Santa Clarita Marathon. As I mentioned in my last blog entry, the Santa Clarita Marathon was my first marathon that I ever ran. This is the race where everything and everyone from the running community in SCV come together. I did the half for the first time last year and I can see why a lot of you look forward to it every year. 13.1 miles of non-stop cheering! Whether you’re running the marathon or half marathon portion, the volunteers are what makes this race an experience. Their cheers are very uplifting.

I am really excited to run the new portion of the course this year. I’ve been running some of it on the Runners Lane training routes and it’s definitely making me more anxious to run it on race day. Let’s have some fun!

The running community in Santa Clarita will always have a piece of my heart. 4 years of running in the SCV, they’ve let me run their streets in a pizza costume and dance all over the paseos. This is why I run here.

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