What Will You Choose?

By Dennis Lebman

I’m so excited to run this year’s Santa Clarita Marathon weekend races.  Yes I said races as in plural. For the first time this year we all have the opportunity to participate in one, two, or even three races this year. All new courses and we have for the first time a 10K!

I’ve been running either the SC half or full Marathon races since 2010, missing only 2015, due to travel. But when I first started running in Sept 2010, I wanted to run a race at the Santa Clarita Marathon that November. I wanted to sign up for a 10K, but quickly realized that there was no 10K. I didn’t want to run the 5K, because I wanted to run longer than the 3.1 miles, but I wasn’t sure I could run the 13.1 of the half either.  I decided on the half and beat my goal.

So with this year’s choices, I challenged myself with the Trilogy Challenge! My “race” this year will be the 10K, with the challenge to run it fast and have a few minutes to catch my breath before the start of the 5K. Then on Sunday, I’ll run the Half Marathon.  The 10K starts on Saturday November 3rd at 7:00am and the 5K at 8:00am. Even though the start will remain open for a few minutes for the 10K runners to finish and start the 5K, my goal is to start the 5K with everyone else at 8am.

There are plenty of choices this year to run your favorite race or two or even three! Which ones will you be running?

Saturday November 3rd:

Sunday November 4th:
Half Marathon
Full Marathon
Double challenge or Trilogy challenge?
Mayor’s walk


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