Running with Style – Picking Your Race Outfit by Christine Colvin

You’ve been logging your miles and getting some serious rubber-to-the-road time in preparation for your upcoming race. Hydration pack is chosen, and you’ve figured out that you prefer energy chomps over gu. That’s great! But have you thought about the most important part…what are you going to wear?!

Choosing your race outfit isn’t as simple as putting on a pair of shorts and a top. There’s much more that goes into it, especially if you’d like to make your outfit a running costume – or runstume as I like to call them!

First of all, let’s talk about when you’re picking a standard race day outfit. What do you need to keep in mind?

  1. First of all, don’t you dare wear something you’ve never worn before. You remember that time you thought it was a good idea to wear brand new sneakers to Disneyland for a full day? Yeah. Same goes here.
  2. Do a dress rehearsal. Put everything on (including stuffing your pockets with energy yummies and strapping on those hydration belts) to make sure everything fits the way you anticipate it to. Regardless of what distance you’re registered for, you need to do this.
  3. There’s no shame in wearing the event shirt on the day of – just be aware that you’re breaking rule #1 and you might end up with rashes in unexpected places.
  4. BODY GLIDE! Especially important if you’ve got strong thighs that like to keep in touch, this stuff is a miracle.
  5. The best thing to wear on race day is a SMILE! Have fun! Enjoy the journey!

Let’s move on to the idea of a runstume! Here’s a few examples of ones I’ve thrown together for races:


You’ve got Captain EO, Snoopy, Darkwing Duck, Tightrope Ballerina (Haunted Mansion), and Jose (Tiki Room). It is easy to put together a runstume, you just need to identify and break down the main recognizable and identifying arts of the character. For EO, it’s the rainbow swoop on the shirt. For Darkwing it’s the hat, cape, and gold buttons. Tightrope Ballerina’s got the recognizable flower skirt.

Here you can see how I planned my outfit for Jose. Taking a picture of the character I wanted to resemble I worked to find funning clothing that would emanate his likeness. The most challenging part was the wings, which ended up being felt glued together with an elastic arm loop – easy peasy!


Moral of the story is don’t forget to have “pick outfit” on your training to-do list. Have fun, and see you at the half!

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