Santa Clarita Marathon Ambassador Program

Ambassadors for the Santa Clarita Marathon share a passion for fitness
and a love of the Santa Clarita running community.


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Heather Stewart
I live next to and run on the trails in Santa Clarita. I love brunch, improv classes, tacos, craft beer and tacos. (Yeah, I said tacos twice!). I started running in 2011 and have now run over 40 races including the LA Marathon 3 times where I was a spotlight runner in 2013. My goal is to be an old lady runner and my favorite place is a finish line, either running through it or cheering at it.

Jeff Solomon
“I’m an older guy who was disabled for most of my life from a motocross racing injury. In 2011 I had my ankle fused which enabled me to walk without pain, and eventually run. My running journey started about five years ago when my wife started hanging out with these “running people.” She nudged me to come…and as I started hanging out with these folks, I found that the running community is welcoming to all. My life has been enriched through friendships we’ve made through running. I also cycle, which is, of course, easier on the body, but really, I enjoy the freedom, of just being able to throw on shoes…and run…which is slow, but that’s OK.My personal experiences led me to create SuccessFit4Life! a program to encourage people on their journey…wherever they want to go. You can learn more here at

Dennis Lebman
I’m happy to return as a Race Ambassador for the 3rd straight year. I’ve been running since Sept 2010. My first race was just a few weeks later at the 2010 Santa Clarita Half Marathon. I’ve since completed 20 Marathons, 18 Half Marathons, 7 – 10k’s and 5 – 5k’s. Although I’m done with the full Marathon, I’m excited to take on this years inaugural Trilogy challenge – 5k, 10k & Half Marathon!
You can follow me on Instagram at dlebman or Dennis Lebman on Facebook.

Bear Caudillo
From obese to BEAST. I am that guy you see at all the Santa Clarita events in a pizza costume! I enjoy all the hi fives and hugs at every race. Did you know? I’m also the President of Pitfire Running Club in North Hollywood! Come out on a Monday and say Hello!

James Mitchell
I am a simple yet complex guy that loves running in all forms. No matter the environment, weather, trail, or road, most likely I am on the lookout for a good place to run. By day I am the unique combo of Engineer and Pastor and father of 4, and all the space in between you will find me running, training for obstacle course races, biking, or swimming. It is in the midst of getting involved with all of these activities my family often joins me, as my wife and I are always looking for the next Ultramarathon to run together, and my boys love Obstacle Course Racing and getting dirty with me, and my daughters have also completed a slew of 5Ks. However, the marathon is where I fell in love with running, and running the streets, paths, and paseos of Santa Clarita is the place you will find me many a Saturday.

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